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Relative SNR—How does your camera compare?

Compare microscope cameras or understand how specs affect performance.
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How many photons do I have?

Find out how to measure how many photons are present under your experimental conditions.
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Calculating SNR

Understand the different components that go into calculating the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).
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A visual guide to CCD vs. EM-CCD vs. CMOS

Different chip architectures, different capabilities.
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Changing the Game

An in-depth look at how the new Gen II sCMOS technology reduces tradeoffs between speed and sensitivity. (PDF)
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Contrast versus noise, eye versus machine.

Contrast appears good, but good looks can be deceiving.
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What is dark noise?

A basic introduction.
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Dissecting camera specifications: a field guide for biologists

Shedding light on what camera specifications mean for biological experiments.
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Bridging the Gap

The impact and correction of camera noise for computational microscopy including precision localization nanoscopy (PDF).

Read noise in CMOS cameras: only rms is meaningful

A brief overview of median versus rms read noise for evaluating CMOS cameras.
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Thinking in Photons.

Converting from electrons to photons improves how we think about signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).
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Which camera technology is right for me?

Choosing between CCD, EM-CCD, and sCMOS.
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User Guides

The Time Sensitive Experiment

A decision tree for visualizing biology in action using the ORCA-Flash 4.0.
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Camera Simulation Engine Enables Efficient System Optimization for Super-Resolution Imaging.

 Stephanie Fullerton ; Keith Bennett ; Eiji Toda ; Teruo Takahashi. SPIE , 822811 (February 9, 2012); doi:10.1117/12.906346

It's all about noise and how you deal with it.

An overview of why Huang, et al, (2013), generated new software algorithms for precision localization (using SMSN) with an sCMOS camera.
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Can You Trust What You See?

A short guide to reliable microscopy imaging.
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Capturing images you can count on.

A checklist for microscopy imaging.
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Hamamatsu Journal Club

Dynamin2 helps organize actin networks in cell migration

How do cells migrate? A network of interdependent actin filament structures shift and remodel...
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Use it or lose it: Mechanically activated cation channel essential to heart health

How does the heart respond to mechanical stress? The physical load and mechanical stresses of pumping blood are crucial to...
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Combined techniques identifyy proteins specific to lipid droplets in S. cerevisiae

How can researchers identify the specific network of biomolecules responsible for the structure and functions of an intracellular organelle?
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Threat alert: Actin enzyme inhibition mediates innate immune signaling in Arabidopsis

How do cells activate a response to pathogen detection? Plant and animal cells recognize potential invaders in part by...
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Piecing it together: New technique locates DNA breaks

How are double-strand breaks caused in genomic DNA?
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Fat or lean? Atlastin links ER to lipid storage

What determines the size of lipid droplets for fat storage?
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Reaching out: Myosin XIK aids root hair elongation in Arabidopsis

What role do myosins play in the growth of plan root hairs?
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Close associates: ER connection aids mitochondria in Neurospora crassa

How does association with the endoplasmic reticulum influence mitochondrial function?
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Growing roots: Plant cues invite helpful bacteria to move in

How does the beneficial bacterium Bacillus subtilis colonize plant roots?
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Positive feedback: Both gene inhibition and activation mark time in Arabidopsis

How does the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana maintain its circadian clock?
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Seeing the light: Model system probes photoperiod gene response

How do mammals adjust their physiology to suit the seasons?
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Tracing β cell origins

How does the adult pancreas produce new β cells?
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Remodeling the membrane during cellularization in Drosophila

How is cell cleavage organized in developing embryos?
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All in the family: Plant and animal pathogens share virulence gene

How do parasitic bacteria establish a presence within live host cells?
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Energy alternatives: Metabolic cues regulate algal gene expression

How do cells co-ordinate metabolic activity to suit available energy sources?
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Layer by layer—Formation of bacterial biofilms

What forces shape the early growth of a bacterial biofilm?
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Getting a clear message: Duo regulates signal protein levels in cilia

How do cells control movement of signaling proteins into and out of key organelles?
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Like mother, like daughter—New microtubule arrays align to mimic parent cell

How do cells establish the orientation of cortical microtubules, and therefore the direction of cell growth, after mitosis?
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Membrane maintenance: Regulation of lipid synthesis in S. cerevisiae

What factors regulate lipid metabolism and membrane dynamics in Saccharomyces cerevisiae?
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Positioned for growth: Mechanical forces help cells find their place in early embryos.

How to cells in new embryos position themselves for further growth?
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New signaling pathway culpable in Beta-amyloid neurotoxicity

How does beta-amyloid lead to neuronal death in Alzheimer's Disease?
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With a little help from a friend: Discovering a new protein partnership in cell division

How do nuclear proteins choreograph chromosome movement in mitosis and meiosis?
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Visualizing protein complex movement in plant cell walls

How do plant cells manage cellulose addition and organization during cell growth?
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Who has the beat? Imaging subcellular calcium concentrations over rapid time scales.

What physiological changes in the cell contribute to the beat-to-beat variability in heart rate?
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Quantifying protein interactions in vivo

How do you measure protein-protein interactions in their native environment—that is, inside a living cell?
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Seeing chromosome segregation in bacteria

How do bacterial cells ensure each daughter cell gets one and only one copy of the chromosome during cell division
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